A corporate scarf, just like a tie, may fulfills several functions:

  • The scarf as an element of an outfit – the scarf is a consistent element of the whole outfit. The logo and corporate colors should become visible in line with the company’s profile.
  • Promotional – the scarf has the function of supporting a commercial campaign of a given product; alternatively, it reflects the profile of a given company.
  • Gift – the scarf, which is a present, may have the logo discreetly placed on the label sewn to one of the scarf’s sides.

Depending on the prototype, we will carry out your order by imprinting the scarves with screen printing. With this method, each color on a scarf is stamped separately on the fabric.

Digital printing is an alternative to the screen printing. It is a method of direct printing of the design on a fabric. With this method, we are able to print multicolor designs, up to the level of photo-realistic designs. The advantage of this way of printing is that we can realize with it even small orders, starting from only 20 pieces. For printing on the scarves, we use silk as well as synthetic fabrics of various structures (weaves) such as twill, satin, georgette or crepe. Standard sizes of scarves are 53×53 cm, 67×67 cm, 85×85 cm, 30×130 cm, 40×160 cm.

On request, we can print scarves and shawls of any size.

Preparation of the design 1-2 days

Preparation of the sample 2 weeks

Production of the order 2 weeks after the acceptance of the sample

Ordering a scarf with logo gives you complete freedom when choosing its design. Our creative graphic designers will design a product in line with your requirements and trends in fashion. Call us at +48 12 411 42 42 or e-mail us at

Sample scarves printed with “screen printing”:

Sample scarves printed with “digital printing”:

  • The photos illustrate examples of scarfs realized by PROMO-HOUSE. The photos are used exclusively for presenting quality and examples of technology of the offered scarfs. All rights to trademarks on the realized scarfs are reserved for the entitled entities, and especially for their owners.