Pocket squares with logo form an ideal complement of a corporate outfit, and additionally they can play a role in promotional campaigns.

Promo-House offers jacquard-woven pocket squares (silk or polyester) as well as printed pocket squares from the noblest and the most fashion-forward fabrics, such as silk, wool or polyester microfiber.

We use various printing techniques such as screen printing, digital printing, ink printing or manual painting. Standard sizes are 25×25 cm and 31×31 cm. All the production process takes place in Poland.

Preparation of the design 1-2 days

Preparation of the prototype 7-14 days

Production of the order 3 weeks after the acceptance of the prototype

Sample pocket squares with logo:

  • The photos illustrate examples of pocket squares realized by PROMO-HOUSE. The photos are used exclusively for presenting quality and examples of technology of the offered pocket squares. All rights to trademarks on the realized pocket squares are reserved for the entitled entities, and especially for their owners.