Despite its small surface, a bow tie is an ideal place for placing a company logo or a product illustration.

Fabrics for the production of bow ties may be created in two methods: weaving or printing (screen or digital printing); the chosen method depends on the expected final outcome by the customer of the bow tie. Noble silk fabrics, mixed silk-viscose fabrics or polyester fabrics are used in the production of our bow ties.

Minimum order quantity 10 pieces

Preparation of the design 1-2 days

Preparation of the prototype 7-14 days

Production of the order 21 days

Our designers – after consulting with you – will prepare designs according to your demands, ideas or fashion trends. Please contact them at +48 12 411 42 42 or

Sample bow ties with logo:

  • The photos illustrate examples of bow ties realized by PROMO-HOUSE. The photos are used exclusively for presenting quality and examples of technology of the offered bow ties. All rights to trademarks on the realized bow ties are reserved for the entitled entities, and especially for their owners.