School clothing – School uniform accessories

School ties

More and more schools order ties and scarves with a logo of their school. These products perfectly complement a school outfit, and – additionally – promote a given school. We produce ties in two ways: printing (starting from just 10 pieces) and weaving in the fabric, which means that the logo is created in the process of weaving the fabric on the looms. It is the most durable and esthetically-pleasing method (starting from only 30 pieces).

Scarves and ties for Schoolgirls

For girls, we suggest slim ties or scarves, which create a unified look when it comes to colors.

School uniforms

T-Shirts / Polo shirts

Multifunctional bandanas for schoolchildren

Socks with school logo

Shields and pins with the school logo (coat of arms)

Sample realizations of school ties with logo:

  • The photos illustrate examples of ties realized by PROMO-HOUSE. The photos are used exclusively for presenting quality and examples of technology of the offered ties. All rights to trademarks on the realized ties are reserved for the entitled entities, and especially for their owners.