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A simple knot, known also as the four-in-hand knot, comes from Italy or Germany and is considered to be the most popular knot because of the simplicity of tying. The knot is of medium size, straight and assymetric. It is appropriate for most occasions. It goes well with clipped collar shirts and also with narrow and standard collars. It is rather not suitable for short men with slim, elongated face. The Shelby knot, known also as the Pratt knot. A medium size of the knot is appropriate for casual meetings and for work and it is not worn for official occasions. It's slightly assymetirc. The knot is suitable for tall men because you don't need to use much of the tie's length to tie it. The half-Windsor knot is a triangular, almost symmetrical knot. It's bigger than a simple knot and the Shelby knot. It's smaller than the Windsor knot. It's suitable for work and more formal occasions. It goes well with standard and wide collars. It works great with men with too long neck. The Windsor knot is known also as a Full Windsor or as a Double Windsor. It produces a wide symmetrical triangular knot. The Windsor knot is suitable for grand occasions. It is suited for a spread or cutaway collars that can accommodate a large knot in a proper way. The Windsor knot and a wide tie hide a long neck. It works well also with men with a heavy chin.

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Tying a tie is a skill useful to every man.

It is very important to have your tie worn properly. It makes a man look elegant or not.

Here are some good tips on how to wear a tie:
  • The knot should cover the collar's buckle completely.
  • The knot can't stand out from the collar and it can't be too squeezed. It doesn't look elegant that way.
  • After taking the tie off at home, you should unknot it immediately. A tie that is stored with a tied knot damages very quickly
    and doesn't look good on its owner's neck.
  • Afer tying the tie, its both tips should tap your belt buckle. Of course, the narrower tip should be a bit shorter
    - never put it inside your pants or shirt!
  • Wide suit lapels go well with a wider tie knot.
  • Always choose ties that are made of good-quality materials - those made of soft fabric are not easy to tie.
  • Remember not to squeeze your tie when tying a knot.

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